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Why We Started

1 to 1738

is the average ratio of counselors to students at American schools.


of people don’t seek any treatment to deal with stress.

$1 trillion

is lost, globally, due to stress in the workplace.

Awning Is Our Answer

Awning is your school or company’s solution for personalized stress relief, and it’s never more than a couple of clicks away. We offer resources catered to your users’ specific needs, and offer a variety of widely adopted and scientifically validated wellness routines. Just tell us how you’re feeling, and we’ll do the rest. We’re a B2B solution that’s determined to bring comprehensive help to the members of your organization, at minimal cost to you.

What We Offer


We personalize your stress relief based on your answers to a few questions. These questions are based on different symptoms and consequences of stress, and your answers help us pick the best exercise for you!

Stress Relief Exercises

Once we have an idea of how you’re feeling by using the questionnaire, we get to work selecting the right exercise for you. Choose from our guided meditations, breathing exercises, and music therapy songs.


Journaling and mood documentation is one of the most widely recommended ways to reduce your stress. It’s both proactive and reactive, and offers you the chance to track your daily activities, as well as provide a safe space for you to vent and catalogue your thoughts and feelings in tough times.

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Goal Setting and Tracking

Habit formation is no easy feat, but once you get accustomed to checking in on yourself, you’ll be on a direct path to improved wellness. We offer a way for you to build those habits by letting you track your progress with each of our features and to set reminders according to your schedule.


Get an insight into how your school or company’s feeling, from a bird’s eye. We offer a one-of-a-kind analytics platform that lets you understand the people that rely on you on a deeper level, whether you’re a superintendent or an employer, all the while protecting each individual user’s anonymity.

Constant Updates

Our platform is always evolving to ensure the best experience for users. We are continually adding new features and content to help users manage stress more effectively.


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